Bill Gates Reveals He Once Drank Water From ‘Faecal Sludge’, For A Good Cause

American billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates recently reflected on some of the strange things he has done in his life, in a LinkedIn post. The 67-year-old billionaire took to the professional networking site, to mark a post about World Toilet Day which was observed on November 19. Mr Gates admitted he’s done some ”weird cr*p’ in his life” – from drinking ‘water from faecal sludge’ to ”sharing a stage with human faeces. ”
The Microsoft co-founder wrote: “I’ve done some weird crap over the years: I drank water from fecal sludge with Jimmy Fallon, shared the stage with a jar of human feces, and smelled pit latrine odor.” However, all these acts were actually for a noble cause, as the post further reveals.

“These antics got a few laughs, but my goal has always been to get people to care about an issue that impacts 3.6 billion people: poor sanitation,” the philanthropist added. “Thanks to scientists and engineers from around the world, we’re getting closer to new solutions that will prevent disease and illness.”

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