Trump Family’s non-compliance rile attorney general in Trump fraud case

Trump family faces non-compliance allegations in fraud lawsuit. Ivanka’s drop in email submissions raises concerns. Judge demands action by May 12.

Once again, the Trump family is facing allegations of non-compliance with the New York attorney general’s office in an ongoing fraud lawsuit against them and the Trump Organization. The attorney general’s office claims that the Trumps have failed to provide necessary communication, with Ivanka Trump providing a significant decrease in the number of emails submitted. The attorney general’s office has requested the judge’s intervention, demanding that the Trumps submit affidavits detailing their compliance with the discovery process and a deadline of May 12 to turn in all remaining documents.

This lack of compliance is not new, as it dates back to the investigation into the Trumps’ business practices that preceded the lawsuit, resulting in the former president paying a fine of $110,000 for failing to comply with a subpoena in May 2022. Attorney General Letitia James emphasized the importance of accountability, stating that no one can evade it.

Accused of inflating property values to gain economic advantages, including obtaining loans at lower rates, the Trumps have been embroiled in a $250 million lawsuit. Despite their denial of wrongdoing, the attorney general’s office has accused them of ongoing evasiveness throughout the discovery process, with no clear indication of when they will hand over all relevant documents and a refusal to provide answers regarding their methods of collecting materials.

The attorney general’s office is particularly concerned about the drastic reduction in emails submitted by Ivanka Trump, with her lawyers’ responses not satisfying the office. Requests for comment from the Trumps, their attorneys, and the attorney general’s office went unanswered.

As the civil trial for battery and defamation brought forth by E. Jean Carroll against Donald Trump continues in Manhattan, the former president denies the rape allegations made against him by Carroll in a deposition video played for the jury. Trump is seeking to defend himself in the trial without being present for testimony, and his legal team has made it clear that they will not be calling any witnesses. Despite this, the trial is expected to carry on into the following week as the allegations and evidence are weighed by the court.

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