Jagdeep Dhankhar’s ‘hawa nikal sakti hai’ advice in Rajya Sabha

Recently, Rahul Gandhi at a press conference snapped at a journalist and said ‘hawa nikal gayi?’

As the opposition members of the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday continued raising slogans demanding a joint parliamentary committee probe into the alleged Adani scam, chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar, pacifying the members, said, “Kuch bhi mumkin ho sakta hai, kuch bhi hawa nikal sakti hai. Aap apni kursi par baithiye aur mere nirnaye ka intezar kijiye (Anything is possible… any bubble can be burst..please take your seat and wait for my decision),” Dhankhar said.

Dhankhar’s ‘hawa nikal sakti hai‘ is straight from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s last press meet when he got furious with a question from a journalist who asked him on BJP’s allegation that the BJP has been accusing him of being anti-OBC because of his 2019 remark for which he has been convicted by a Surat court and suspended from the Lok Sabha. “Why are you so directly working for the BJP? You could exercise some discretion. You can beat around the bush a bit. See, now you are smiling….please if you want to work for the BJP, then put a BJP’s symbol on your chest. Then I will answer you the same way I answer them. Don’t pretend to be a pressman…hawa nikal gayi (the bubble is burst,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi’s reply to the journalist drew flak and the Mumbai Press Club asked the Congress leader to say sorry for the “public humiliation”. “The job of a journalist is to ask questions and it is the duty of political leaders who call press conferences and engage with journalists to answer these questions with dignity and decorum. It is unfortunate that as the leader of one of the oldest political parties of the country, Mr Gandhi failed to respect the dignity of the Fourth Estate,” the Mumbai Press Club said in a statement.

Rahul Gandhi has been convicted for his 2019 statement ‘how come all thieves have Modi surname in common’ which led to his disqualification from the Lok Sabha which is the latest conflict between the BJP and the Opposition. Congress said it will continue raising questions about Adani. On Tuesday, when Dhankhar referred to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘hawa’ comment without naming him, the opposition MPs were demading JPC probe into Adani allegations.

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