‘Amritpal said he would kill if I don’t give clothes’: What happened in gurdwara

In his complaint, gurdwara granthi Ranjit Singh said his son was threatened at the gunpoint by Amritpal Singh to give him clothes on Saturday.

On March 18, as radical Sikh leader Amritpal Singh was chased by the police, he took refuge in a gurdwara in the Nangal Ambian village where he spent around 45 minutes hiding from the police. As the priest of the gurdwara Ranjit Singh has on Wednesday filed a complaintagainst the radical preacher, it has now been revealed that Amritpal Singh and his men threatened the family at gun point to give him clothes.

Here is what happened in the gurdwara

1. Amritpal Singh and four men entered the Nangal Ambian gurudwara at around 1pm.

2. The priest and his family were both surprised and scared as they were aware of their recent clash with the police.

3. Amritpal Singh and his men offered prayer and had food in the gurudwara.

4. They asked for some clothes and threatened the priest’s son at the gunpoint. They were carrying a pistol and .315 bore rifle, according to the complaint of Ranjit Singh.

5. Amritpal changed his clothes and turban there.

6. From the gurudwara, they arranged for the bike on which Amritpal Singh escaped.

7. They called a man named Gaurav Gora for the bike. The bike was registered in the name of Gaurav’s father.

8. Amritpal also took the phone from the priest Ranjit Singh and returned it after some time.

9. Amritpal Singh and his men stayed in the gurdwara for around 45 minutes.

Connecting the dots of the massive chase that took place on Saturday, Punjab police said Amritpal switched his car and from the gurdwara took a bike. In another new photo, Amritpal purportedly can be seen on a motorised three-wheeler carrying his bike as well. This is so far the last photo of the radical Sikh leader. It is not known whether the bike ran out of fuel or developed any glitch owing to which Amritpal took the three-wheeler. The bike was found abandoned by the police on Wednesday.

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