The groundwork for all the happiness is good health : Monika Arora

Calgary (Rajiv Sharma): In Calgary, The Women Rock Centre’s Monika Arora has been in the fitness industry for almost the past decade now, and while interviewing with Times of Asia she has shared valuable information and importance of working out as well as proper nutrition. She said the importance of working out is most often overlooked,besides the fact that it helps to lose weight and in turn makes you feel great and there are a plethora of benefits. Monika said to start with you need a combination of both cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training to get the ultimate benefits of exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is any exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for an extended period of time, it helps raise your oxygen and blood flow throughout your body as well using movement of your larger muscles.Having great cardiovascular health is beneficial in day to day activities such as having better stamina,more energy for day to day activities like playing with your kids and better mental clarity, ther very important benefits are that it helps with lowering your blood pressure, regulates your blood sugar,lowering cholesterol,improves sleep and helps with weight loss .she explained that some cardio exercises she recommended to her clients depending on their fitness levels are sprints,burpees and mountain climbers. Now to the importance of strength training. Strength training are exercises that are designed to improve strength they often times include lifting weights.Benefits of strength training is overall improved strength, increase in muscle mass and decreased fat which makes you appear slimmer and finally lowers your risk of injury .Strength training is beneficial in our day to day life for a few a reasons. She said, I would like to give a quick example of where strength training is useful.Some people have very physical jobs that require you to lift heavier items. Now let’s say you’re at work and you have to pick up a heavy box. You get into a squat position and pick up the box with incorrect form and now you have an injury.If you have been lifting weights prior and you have consistently been doing exercises such as squats your chances of injuring yourself in situations like these are far less. A few of my favourite strength training exercises I recommend are squats,bicep curls and push-ups. Monika said a great workout routine needs an even better diet.People often ask me, they work out but not see results, why is that? Well the reason for that is your Nutrition & diet is so important. If you feed your body the right foods it will give you the right outcome in terms of your health and the weight loss results you’re looking for. In the end she said healthy dietary fats are extremely important for your body’s overall energy.It helps lower your cholesterol,fights inflammation, lowers blood pressure and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Monika said making a change in your lifestyle takes responsibility and commitment. You may face some hardships and challenges along the way. Don’t give up because the benefits to your health are worth it in the long run.

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